• Natural flavour •

We make Natural Gelato completely free of colourants, additives or aromas.
We make it the traditional way using state of the art equipment and the iconic Cattabriga Effe, the first automatic Gelato machine ever invented, in 1927.
We make it fresh everyday in front of you.
Our goal is to have a Gelato with “character”,
with real and rich taste and a variety of textures and surprising elements.

Quality is our main ingredient.

• Some of the signature flavours you can find in store •


Traditional choc-chip made with our Cattabriga Effe.


100% pure roasted pistachio


A rich and intense dark chocolate that you won’t forget



The perfect mix between premium chocolate and hazelnuts.

...and more!

More flavours on our Menu includes:
Salted Caramel, Mint Choc-Chip, White Coffee, Tiramisu, Brownie Caramel, Crunchy Peanut Butter.

Plus all our beautiful seasonal Sorbets and Vegan options.

We also developed 3 different lines available “grab and go” in pint format with rotating flavours:

• Low carb Gelato
• Vegan Gelato - creamy yet non dairy based
• High protein Gelato

• Gelato treats •

Did you know? We also make special treats with Gelato available in our display freezer.

Feeling something different than a cup or a cone? Do you want to surprise your guest with special artisan frozen treats? We make delicious artisan products made with our artisan Gelato: Sticks, Cannoli, Cookies